Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinar to learn how to manage your project documentation processes with BIM & AGILE Integration


In this Webinar , you will learn:

  • Agile in Construction
  • BIM Communication
  • Process tracking with Agile (RFI, Transmittals, Submittals )
  • Process tracking for Ad hoc tasks


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Pipe Stress Analysis for District Cooling and MEP Engineers

ImageGrafix  offers special tailor made courses to working professionals and corporate companies to improve their knowledge, productivity and achieve growth.  Check below Course details for CAESAR II – Pipe Stress Analysis Course for  District Cooling & MEP Engineers.

Date: 21st September, 2017

Day 1:

·         Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis

·         When to perform Pipe Stress Analysis

·         Piping Code History

·         Code Compliance

·         SIF

·         CAESAR II Modeling & Examples

Day 2:

·         Introduction to District Cooling Industry

·         Why Pipe Stress Analysis for DC

·         DC Concerns & Important Points

·         Buried Pipe

·         Valve Chamber, Puddle Flange Calculation

·         Pump/Nozzle Loads

Day 3:

·         CAESAR II Interface with Revit

·         B31J & FEA Analysis

·         Intro to Dynamic Analysis

·         Model Analysis

·         Water hammer & Surge Analysis

·         Practical Examples.

Register Here  for more information.

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ASME Code has changed


ASME Code has changed ; are you ready ?

Discover how that may affect your calculations . Join us in PV Elite Symposium on 12th September 2017, @Tower Rotana Dubai.


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Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinar to understand the Joint Efficiency


Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinars to understand the Joint Efficiency.

6th September, 10.00AM GST

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Review of joint efficiency
  • How to determine the category types of welds
  • Corresponding radiography


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Editing Multiple Load Cases-

Use the Group Edit view of the Static Analysis – Load Case Editor to update values on multiple load cases at one time. This view saves you valuable time as you can make global changes to load cases, rather than having to edit each load case individually.

To perform a group edit of multiple load cases

1. Open a CAESAR II job.
2. Run error checking or the analysis, and then select Static Analysis.
3. Click Group Edit in the upper-right corner of the Static Analysis – Load Case Editor.

Static Analysis – Load Case Editor List View (the Default)

The List view shows all load cases in list format, making it easy to see a full view of load cases as you work.

Static Analysis – Load Case Editor Group Edit View 

The Group Edit view could be considered a bulk editor for all your load cases. This enables you to make mass changes to any selected load cases with just a few simple clicks.

To use the Group Edit view for changing load cases:

1.    Select multiple load cases and click Group Edit.

The software preserves the load case selections you made in the List view and keeps them highlighted in the Group Edit view.

2.    Change any field values in this view and the software updates all the load cases you previously selected.

3.    By toggling back to the List view, you can see the changes that were applied to each of the selected load cases.

Using the new Group Edit view can save a lot of time, and it only takes a few clicks.

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Orthogen For CADWorx 10.2 Released

Hot Fix Release Announcement

Now Orthogen Supports CADWorx Structure 2017 R1

Hexagon PPM support has posted for Orthogen Version 10.2. This Hot Fix is now available for download from Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System. Further information about what is contained in this Hot Fix is available in the Readme File link shown in the download description on the Service Packs and Fixes page.

To access this Hot Fix, please follow the steps below:

  1. Logon to Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System at
  2. Select the View Downloads tab.
  3. Select Orthogen.
  4. Select Service Packs and Fixes.
  5. Select the download icon or the file link of the Hot Fix.

If you have trouble accessing this Hot Fix or need further information, please file a Service Request for Orthogen 10.2, and an analyst will be happy to assist you.

Thank You for being a Hexagon PPM customer!

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Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinar to learn GT STRUDL CAD Modeler

Wednesday Webinar with ImageGrafix Software


Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinars to learn about frame & finite element model creation and structural analysis in GT STRUDL CAD Modeler.

23rd Aug, 10.00AM GST

The new enhancement features in GT STRUDL CAD Modeler Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows the structural engineers and designers to take full advantage of CAD’s 3D graphical environment to create true models for structural analysis and design.
Webinar would highlight the rich collection of easy to learn and instinctive modeling tools to accurately specify structure information, including:

• Framing
• Finite elements
• Connectivity
• Loads
• Load combinations
• Execution of Analysis
• Results viewing in CAD environment. 



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