Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

What is Project Portfolio Management?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is recognized as set of practices to be considered in project management technology.

The management of projects are seen as critical to success in all three sectors: public, private, and non-profit. This is evident through improper selection of projects or their improper formulation within organization. To deal with this challenge, the solution is to be found in project portfolio management (PPM).

According to the PMBOK® Guide, Project portfolio management is a set of business practices that brings the world of projects into tight integration with other business operations.

Project Portfolio Management differs from Project management…

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) differs from Project Management (PM) in their life cycles, activities, objectives, focus, and benefits.

There are a lot of misconceptions that PPM is enterprise project management, managing multiple projects, automation in project process. Those are expansion of project management and though PPM addresses it but it has primary and unique aspect in formulating and assist in selection of projects.

Why Do we need PPM?

During Project management, project team limit their focus to the critical measures of project success. When they meet project objectives and satisfy the project stakeholders, they consider the project to have been successful but most of executives in organization are interested in the areas of measurement about profitability, return on investment and delivery of benefits.

There is always been gap between project functions and operation functions as both groups are off in their own world, working to do the best that they can but not knowing if their efforts are effective or efficient.

Bridging the gap between Operations Management and Projects Management, Project Portfolio Management addresses the project selection issues, deciding on project termination, facilitating reallocation of resources, changing of priorities, and evaluating alternatives.

Fortunately, PPM requires very little in way of acquisitions in terms of skills, set of practices and some small additions to management software which is simple and inexpensive. There will be significant impact on the way the organization deals with projects and business initiatives by incorporating PPM culture.

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What’s New in Primavera P6 V18.8

Oracle released the new version for Primavera P6 Version 18.8 for both P6 PPM & EPPM with many new features. In this webinar, we will cover most of the Key features with sample projects such as

* HTML based pages for P6 EPPM (No More Java applets)

* Improvement on P6 Professional

* Oracle Prime Lean Management links with P6 EPPM

* 64-bit Operating Systems etc…

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CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 Now Released

CADWorx & Analysis Solutions is excited to announce the release of CADWorx Plant Professional 2019. Learn how the new capabilities in this latest release can help improve accuracy and reduce engineering and design time.

The new CADWorx® Plant Professional 2019 runs on either Hexagon’s recently acquired BricsCAD® platform or AutoCAD®. It features the most complete range of tools for fully intelligent 2D and 3D plant design and incorporates several new enhancements to improve project accuracy.

It is 100 percent based on the de-facto standard .dwg design format, providing designers, engineers and BIM professionals powerful access to the huge potential of vertical CAD applications.

In addition, CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 also includes these enhancements:

  • Improvements to P&ID View for easier synchronization of P&IDs with the 3D model
  • BOM templates to help streamline the creation of multi-discipline material take-offs
  • Soft clash volumes to help maintenance and installation areas for equipment and piping components
  • New export tools to CAESAR II ® to ensure reuse of model data as much as possible
  • Increased automation and reduce inconsistencies in CADWorx P&ID when updating in-line components

To learn more about this latest release, we invite you to participate in the What’s New in CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 webinar being hosted on Tuesday, December 4 and view the CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 product sheet and FAQ.

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CAESAR II & PV ELITE Symposium 2018

CAESAR II & PV Elite Symposium 2018

“Now is the ideal time to upgrade your skills and add to your value in the workplace”

In association with Hexagon PPM CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, ImageGrafix Software FZCO, the Global Network Partner is pleased to Invite you for this FREE Session “CAESAR II & PV Elite Symposium 2018“.


08.30 AM            – Registration & Networking
08.45 AM            – Welcome Address
09.00 AM            – Recent changes in ASME B31.3 and their implementation in CAESAR II
09:30 AM            – Understand the Harmonic Analysis and Ensure the Pressure pulsation comply with API 674
10.30 AM            – Coffee Break & Networking
10.45 AM            – Various Analysis method for Underground Piping
12.15 PM             – Lunch
01.00 PM             – External load on nozzle flange and Code Case 2901
01:45 PM             – Pressure Vessel Fabrication Drawing Generation using PV Elite with Autodesk Inventor Plugin
02.30 AM            – Coffee Break & Networking
02.45 AM            – Lifting Lug Design in Detail
03:15 PM             – Storage Tank design and re-rating with API 620 & API 579
04.00 PM             – Q&A

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What’s New in Primavera P6 is version 18.8

whats New P6The latest version of Primavera P6 is version 18.8 released publicly in August 2018. With enhancements previously only available to Oracle cloud users, this is big news. A huge advantage of the new release is that Oracle has removed the last of the Java applets from Primavera P6 EPPM. The HTML-based pages load faster and do not require additional plug-ins. You will find that some of the HTML pages have the same functionality as before while others have been redesigned.

Below are a few more of the enhancements available with Release 18.8

  • Performance Percent Complete Field Based on Labour Units.
  • Upload Graphics to the P6 Database to View and Print from Any Location.
  • 32-bit Operating Systems not supported. It is recommended you now use 64-bit Operating Systems.
  • Import Zipped XER Files.
  • Activity Owner Functionality Improvements.
  • Choose Whether to Update Actual and Budgeted Units and Costs When Updating Baselines with New Assignments.
  • Managing Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Prime Lean Task Integration with P6 EPPM.
  • Improvements in Offline Working for P6 Professional.

Please click on the below link for the complete list of New features in Primavera P6 V18.8

Download here

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CADWorx Symposium 2018

CADWorx Symposium 2018


“Now is the ideal time to upgrade your skills and add to your value in the workplace”

In association with Hexagon PPM CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, ImageGrafix Software, the Global Network Partner is pleased to Invite you for this event FREE Session “CADWorx Symposium 2018“.


9.00 AM           – Registration & Networking
9.15 AM           – Welcome Address
9.30 AM           – What’s New in CADWorx 2018 with Productivity tools
10:15 AM         – What is CADWorx Structure 2018?
11.00 AM         – Coffee Break & Networking
11.15 AM         – Automated Orthographic (Piping, Equipment, and structure Layout) Generation tool
12.00 AM         – IsoGen Setup and new enhancements
12.45 PM         – Brief discussion on Sharing Data Between CADWorx and  Other Piping design Tools.
1.00 PM           – Lunch & Networking

The workshop will be free but will be on first come first basis of registration. For any details contact / 0504583416. We will confirm your attendance as soon as we receive your registration.

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Release Announcement of CAESAR II 2018 Service Pack 2

Service Pack Release Announcement

Hexagon PPM support has posted CAESAR II 2018 Service Pack 2 ( for CAESAR II Version 2018. This Service Pack is now available for download from Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System. Further information about what is contained in this Service Pack is available in the Readme File link shown in the download description on the Service Packs and Fixes page.

To access this Service Pack, please follow the steps below:

  1. Logon to Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System at
  2. Select the View Downloads tab.
  3. Select CAESAR II.
  4. Select Service Packs and Fixes.
  5. Select the download icon or the file link of the Service Pack.

If you have trouble accessing this Service Pack or need further information, please send an email to
Thank You for being a Hexagon PPM customer!

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