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September 2015
TANK – Storage Tank Design as per API 650


Date: September 30, 2015


09.00 AM(Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain)
10.00 AM (UAE, Oman)
11.30 AM (India)

Duration: 30 Min

Cost: Free Webinar


Intergraph TANK is a comprehensive, easy-to-use software package for the design, analysis and evaluation of oil storage tanks as per API 650. In this Webinar we covers

  • Thinness Calculation
  • Roof Evaluation
  • Anchor Bolt calculation
  • Liquid Height calculation
Speaker Bio:

Deepak Sethia, Mechanical Engineer working as Application Engineer, Plant Design Solution with ImageGrafix Software FZCO, Dubai. He is seasoned piping and static equipment engineer with 7 engineers of experience in ICAS Products. He joined ImageGrafix in April 2013 and is responsible for training and end-user support for CAESAR II, PVElite and TANK Software

Copyright © 2015 ImageGrafix Software FZCO. All rights reserved.


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AFT Arrow 5 New Features

  • General Interface
  • Updated interface and icons
  • Robust support for dual monitors
  • Native support for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Tabbed Primary window navigation with individual window pullout feature
  • New Startup panel allows user to choose engineering unit system (U.S./metric) and specify default fluid
  • Improvement of main menu navigation including redesign of the Checklist
  • Primary window toolbars now integrated into each Primary window
  • Capital and recurring cost data allows cost estimation for piping systems
  • New User Options window collects many of the previous user customization windows into one place – including Parameter and Unit Preferences, General Preferences and Workspace Preferences
  • Improved search includes pipe and junction notes, names and numbers
  • Improved printing features includes use of company logo, user comments and titles, as well as graphical borders on all printouts
  • Help menu links to video tutorials on our website
  • User customizable themes
  • Output reports available in Spanish language
  • Curve fit configuration window parameter and unit selection have been improved
  • Files are automatically locked when opened to prevent multiple users from accidentally opening the same file
  • New Quick Access Panel
  • Access to Scenario Manager directly in interface
  • Access to Graph Sets directly in interface
  • Access to Workspace model overview map
  • Alternate display of Input and Output data for pipes and junctions
  • Users can pin the Panel or use it in flyout mode
  • Scenario Manager
  • Access through Quick Access Panel from any Primary Window
  • Insert Scenario feature allows new scenarios to be inserted above any scenario including the Base Scenario thus creating a new Base
  • Delete All Children feature means children do not need to be deleted one at a time
  • Workspace
  • Transparent icons gives more modern look to model
  • Mapping feature flyout allows birds-eye view of model and navigation
  • Dockable and movable Toolbox
  • Toolbox icon changes can be made using a right mouse click on the Toolbox
  • Select cursor or Pan cursor selectable on the Toolbar
  • Improved navigation speed for large models with thousands of pipes and junctions
  • Improved Inspection window more readable and has integrated Output data with Input
  • New paste preview mode allows the pipes and junctions to be placed where desired and will indicate interference with existing objects in the Workspace
  • Input and Output data displayed on flyout panel integrated into Workspace
  • When trying to move locked pipes and junctions a lock symbol appears next to locked items that cannot be moved
  • Annotations capability great improved also allowing user’s images to be inserted into the annotation
  • Improved pipe and junction graphical interference detection
  • Last selection on the Workspace can be reselected using F12
  • When merging models users can automatically create a group of merged pipes and junctions
  • Model Data
  • General, Pipe and Junction data display sizes can be changed by user and more easily hidden
  • New zoom feature added
  • Curve fit raw data is now an available display parameter for junctions
  • Output
  • General, Pipe and Junction output report display sizes can be changed by user and more easily hidden
  • New zoom feature added
  • New parameters available
  • Display multiple instances of the same parameter with different units
  • Output Control parameter selection improved and made uniform
  • Parameter units are selected next to the parameter in the grid
  • Graph Results
  • Improved Graph Set creation and navigation integrated into Graph Results Quick Access Panel
  • Annotations can be placed directly on graphs
  • Pipes
  • Fittings and losses can now have user “Favorites” which allows for much faster navigation to frequently used fittings
  • New Pipe Material Databases based directly on international pipe standards(databases coming soon)
  • Added ability to select all items in a section in the Global Edit window
  • Improved pipe inspection window
  • New heat transfer model allows convective heat transfer to be modeled simultaneously with a fixed heat flux
  • Junctions
  • New Kv loss model for valves
  • Added ability to select all items in a section in the Global Edit window
  • Enhanced Relief Valve modeling
  • Solver
  • Thermal sectioning for heat exchangers allows for more accurate temperature change calculations when temperature changes are large and specific heat is non-linear
  • GSC Module
  • New parameters for goals
  • Pipe friction parameters as variables
  • New variable linking options
  • GSC Manager goal and variable re-ordering

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CADWorx Command of the Week [Piping Rules – Apply Size Rule]

In CADWorx Plant we can apply Size rule for placing the component with respect to the main size in plant configuration or respect to spec viewer

Go to CADWorx Plant Setup > Piping Rules > Select pulldown menu in “Apply Size Rule”

By Default the value would be “No”

Available options: No, Automatic, Show Options

Sets the system to check the size of components when components are inserted.

  • No: Does not check the size of components when components are inserted.
  • Automatic: Checks the size of components and it won’t places sizes from Main size when components are inserted.
  • Show Options: Displays option prompts for inserting components based on the component being connected to.

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