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Owner Operator Success: Marson 3D Innovative Accelerates Brownfield Project Execution with Intergraph® CADWorx® Solutions

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis solutions help a leading Italian owner operator in erecting a new plant inside an existing facility.

“The detailed design process used for this project was very powerful, I was really impressed! Design review helped us to correctly understand all the design and construction steps, checking correspondence of process and construction documents.” said Marson 3D Innovative’s customer, Isagro, after seeing Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis tools used in a project.

Marson 3D Innovative is an Italian engineering company specializing in 3D design and laser scanning surveys. The company’s client, Isagro, a leading Italian owner operator in the agro pharmaceutical market, needed a new cryogenic plant to be erected inside an existing facility – therefore a new as-built 3D model of the facility needed to be created to facilitate the insertion of the new plant.

The biggest project challenge was the time constraint, and Marson 3D Innovative needed a way to shorten their original engineering schedule to meet the tight deadline. With 

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Six Times Faster Brownfield Project Execution with Intergraph® CADWorx® Solutions

Croatian engineering and analysis specialist Numikon improves productivity 640% with Intergraph CADWorx solutions
“When we first started using the Leica total station and Intergraph software the two companies trained our staff. It took them about ten days to get up to speed and start on their first project. We were particularly impressed by the in-depth knowledge of the Intergraph and Leica people. On the whole we estimate that our productivity has gone up by as much as 640% (six times)! This productivity gain means that we can minimize the on-site project time and maximize efficiency, offering our customers a very attractive package.” Mario Anić, Sales Manager from Numikon stated.
Numikon is a Croatian engineering company specializing in the calculation and analysis of mechanical, power and process equipment and components, project engineering of process and power plants, pipe stress analysis, pressure vessel design, as well as laser scanning and laser surveying.
Numikon executed a refinery project for INA-Industrija nafte d.d., a leading oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company in Croatia. INA was looking for an efficient solution to create as-built information for their Sisak refinery, and hired a consortium of companies for the project. Numikon was chosen to execute a laser scanning survey and create as-built models of the existing refinery.
The main challenge for Numikon was that the laser survey had to be undertaken while the refinery was operating, and some of the piping was difficult to access because of its location above ground, or because it was insulated, as well as the tight deadline of the project.
With the help of CADWorx fieldPipe Professional and CADWorx Plant Professional, Numikon surveyed their part of Sisak refinery in only 49 days. Using the laser surveyed data the company created all deliverables required by INA, including:
• 3D models
• Piping isometrics
• Details of piping components (valves, pressure regulators, flanges, supports, etc.)
• Tag and nameplate details
• Details of the equipment and connected piping
• Pipe stress analysis results (including required test pressure) and pipe data (wall thickness, material properties, etc.)
Curious to learn more about how Numikon improved productivity with 640%? View the whole case study (including pictures), or read the interview with Mario Anic, Sales Manager at Numikon.

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How to add a custom actuator into CADWorx Specification editor

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Hot Fix Release Announcement

The Intergraph Process, Power & Marine support team has posted for CADWorx Plant Version 2016. This Hot Fix is now available for download from Intergraph’s Customer Response System. Further information about what is contained in this Hot Fix is available in the Readme File link shown in the download description on the Service Packs and Fixes page.

To access this Hot Fix:

  1. Logon to Intergraph’s Customer Response System at
  2. Select the View Downloads tab.
  3. Select CADWorx Plant.
  4. Select Service Packs and Fixes.
  5. Select the download icon or the file link of the Hot Fix.

If you have trouble accessing this Hot Fix or need further information, please file a Service Request for CADWorx Plant 2016, and an analyst will be happy to assist you.

Thank You for being an Intergraph customer!


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A tool for every Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer


Imagegrafix Software FZCO is happy in announce the partnership with SCADA Systems – Elecdes Design Suite software for Instrumentation and Control systems engineering, design, documentation and management.
Our customers have been using CADWorx P&ID and CADWorx Plant Professional, whilst there are clear benefits in the tools that CADWorx Plant Professional and CADWorx P&ID Professional offers to process and piping designers and in its ability for sharing data with other plant design disciplines, the instrumentation and electrical designers and engineers are the ones who are not part of the loop.  However, now we have a solution from the Elecdes Design Suite to integrate with CADWorx Plant Professional and CADWorx P&ID Professional.

Paneldes Raceway

Electrical Raceway Design and Cable Routing Software
Paneldes Raceway is the 3D CAD design module of EDS used for the creation of Plant Raceway models. Paneldes software performs cable routing, cable filling and cable length calculations, as well as interference analysis and materials reporting.
For Construction Engineers with Electro-Mechanical Design Requirements
Paneldes Raceway software is for construction engineers with electro-mechanical design and cable management requirements, such as those designing plant cable raceway, ductbank, cable tray and cable ladder layout, and cable routing.
Instrument Manager

Instrumentation and Loop Diagram Software
A new “data-centric” Instrument design and documentation system. Used for the automated production of instrumentation documents such as, Instrument Data Sheets, Loop Diagrams, Hook up Diagrams, Wiring /Terminal Strip diagrams, Instrument Index report, Bill of materials report, Cables Schedule report, Interconnection reports and many other documents. Live linking with CADWorx P&ID software.
For Instrumentation and Control System Design Engineers
Instrumentation or Control system design engineers. These Engineers will typically be working with PLC or DCS based control systems for continuous processes. The instrumentation, I/O and connectivity for these controls systems requires a significant level of documentation (eg datasheets and loop diagrams), all of which can be efficiently produced with Instrument Manager


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Now Available: CAESAR II 2016 Hotfix 3

This is to notify you that a hotfix has been posted to the Service Packs and Fixes section of Intergraph Smart Support for CAESAR II downloads.

CAESAR II 2016 Hotfix 3 includes an update to the wind pressure units that display on the Wind Loads tab of the Static Analysis – Load Case Editor. In addition, Hotfix 3 also includes a previous hotfix, which updated calculations for flanged pipe bends designed according to the EN 13480 code standard.

Please review the attached or posted document for quick details on this hotfix.

To download the hotfix from Smart Support (

  1. Select View Downloads > CAESAR II.
  2. Accept the legal notice and select Service Packs and Fixes.
  3. From the CAESAR II 2016 section, click to download Hot Fix Pack (HF1-HF3) for CAESAR II 2016. This zip file contains several application executables, a library (DLL) and the hotfix readme with instructions (also attached to this message).

Also, note the following items of interest:

Please ensure that your customers know about this hotfix and encourage them to download it.

Our CAESAR II team is happy to assist you with any further pipe stress or related software issues. Contact us or submit a service request to ensure proper tracking and response on issues.

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