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GT STRUDL Webinar: Actionable Ways to Maximize Your Analysis Productivity

Speaker: Mitch Sklar, P.E., GT STRUDL Business Development, Hexagon PPM

Date: Tuesday, November 21
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: None

View the recorded webinar here

Have you kept up on your 2017 continuing education? A variety of GT STRUDL technical topics have been presented around the globe this year. Join us for a review of the relevant content your peers have learned, such as:

  • Single Model Multiple Analysis (Staged or Modular Construction)
  • Rigorous Steel Design (US, India, Canada, Europe)
  • Cross the finish Line with Batch Analysis, HP Solvers & Collaboration
  • Documenting Your Results (Report Builder)



Learn methods you can use today to improve your analysis in GT STRUDL, plus take a sneak peek of the upcoming GT STRUDL 2018 release. Register to attend this webinar for solid techniques to finish this year strong and enter the new year ahead of the pack.

Join us and hear about this and much more!

Speaker Bio

Mitch Sklar, P.E., is a business development expert at CADWorx® & Analysis Solutions. He joined the company in 2014 to manage business development for Intergraph GT STRUDL®, CAESAR II®, PV Elite®, and TANK™ analysis solutions. Mitch serves as business development for Intergraph’s CADWorx structural design solutions portfolio. In addition, he provides direction in the development of business strategies for Intergraph’s structural design and analysis portfolio, as well as supporting the global sales force and ensuring users’ software productivity.

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Excel in brownfield project execution – watch our new video

Excel in brownfield project execution – watch our new video!

Today, many companies face unprecedented challenges from low commodity prices and fierce competition. We can see how more and more projects are either being canceled or postponed while more companies are chasing fewer projects. You can read more about brownfield project challenges below, or watch our new video!

Making the most of existing assets

As most of us will know, one of the key ideas of economic theory is that businesses will focus on improving efficiency to maintain profits and gain a competitive advantage during a downturn. Although the global oil price is showing some signs of recovery, we are still a long way from seeing new build projects being budgeted, as most owner-operators are still focusing on making the most of their existing assets.

Besides oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical, chemical producers, and other plant operators are all under pressure from multiple directions: in addition to the fluctuating oil price, increasing regulations, shrinking margins, and the ever-increasing need for heightened efficiency are also influencing the daily operations.

As one of the ways to answer to competition and improve margins, we can see that owner-operators are currently looking for ways to extend the lifecycle of their existing facilities and get the most value from these facilities while they are operational. There are many benefits when compared to building new facilities: no new capital investment is needed, the entire existing infrastructure is already in place, and plant personnel is already trained.

For these brownfield projects, a toolset is needed that matches the dynamics and finances of these faster paced, lower budget projects. And what does this toolset look like? Watch our new CADWorx video Excel in Brownfield Project Execution to find out!

Real-life project examples

Curious to learn how others have excelled in brownfield project execution with the help of CADWorx Solutions? You can read how Mercury Engineering designed a new process plant with product pipelines that connected into an existing facility or how Numikon improved brownfield operational safety with the help of CADWorx and laser scanning.

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What’s New in PV Elite 2018

PV Elite Webinar: What’s New in PV Elite 2018

with Scott Mayeux, Executive Technical Director of Product Development

There are two sessions. The same material will be covered in both sessions. Register for the session most convenient for you.

Session 1

Date: Tuesday, December 12
10:00 a.m. CST Houston / 5:00 p.m. CET Amsterdam
Click here for your local time

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: None

Session 2

Date & Time:

  • Tuesday, December 12, at 8:00 p.m. CST Houston
  • Wednesday, December 13, at 10:00 a.m. SGT Singapore

Click here for your local time
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: None

PV Elite 2018 releases soon. Attend this webinar to learn about the new code updates, including:

  • ASME VIII-2 Class 1 – New
  • ASME VIII-2 Class 2
  • Material Data

Additionally, PV Elite has augmented and updated its wind and seismic codes. Check out the software’s new retirement limit calculations and new functionality in the user interface.

Speaker bio:

Scott Mayeux serves as Executive Technical Director of Product Development at Hexagon PPM. He is in charge of software development for the pressure vessel and exchanger solution PV Elite as well as the API 650 product TANK for large diameter oil storage tank analysis. He is a mechanical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the engineering and software development fields.

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CADWorx Structure 2018 Now Released

  CADWorx Structure is an integrated CAD modelling structural design software that provides easy-to-use tools, intelligent drawing capabilities, and advanced levels of automation, all created with the structural designer and engineer in mind.  The software is quick, easy to set up, and simple to use, empowering designers and engineers to work efficiently together on large and small projects alike.



Cost Effective Concrete and Steel Design

Efficiently create fully intelligent, 3D structural designs with the unparalleled flexibility and collaboration of a DWG-based system. Automation provides the designer with tools that minimize repetitive steps in modeling design tasks. Grids and multiple member placement options position structures with accuracy and precision, increasing confidence in your three-dimensional representation.

Productivity in Assembly Templates

Effortlessly model secondary steel for access control by defining standard templates for handrails, ladders, stairs, grating, and decking.  Whether the project requirements define industry or company standards, CADWorx Structure allows the designer to replicate the necessary arrangement of these accessibility objects.  Customization options are incorporated in a palette-type user experience, allowing replication of arrangements encountered in industrial applications. Grating and decking can be rendered to accurately depict these objects in your 3D model.

Capitalize Your Time Investment with Integration

Stop remodeling your structure when using structural analysis or structural detailing software.  Import and export using an industry standard exchange format or take advantage of the close integration CADWorx Structures has with GT STRUDL.  Change management tools give the designer control when importing unfamiliar modifications made by the detailer or engineer.

Timesaving Drawing Production

Easily create 2D plan and elevation general arrangement drawings of the structure model by using drawing templates that include dimensioning and annotation settings. Out of the box drawing templates include single line steel and 2D representations that support multiple views.

Effective Material Reporting

Generate accurate, user-configurable bills of material in the most popular database formats or for inclusion on a 2D drawing. Reports can be used to show summarized lengths/weights for each object, single object length/weights, or cut lengths/weights.

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CADWorx Plant 2018 Now Released

The most complete range of tools for efficient plant design

CADWorx & Analysis Solutions is excited to announce the release of CADWorx Plant 2018. Learn how the new capabilities can help improve accuracy and reduce engineering and design time.

Discover the benefits of this highly anticipated release, including:

– AutoCAD 2018 compatibility
Take advantage of the latest available CAD platforms and features to meet deliverable requirements

– CAESAR II 2018 compatibility
Model in CADWorx Plant and leverage that existing geometry with the latest version of CAESAR II

– Auto router enhancements
Complete non-standard design work more efficiently with support for default elbow selection

– Sloped router improvements
Route gravity-drained lines in a fraction of the time with more flexible options

By including the most complete DWG file-based range of tools, CADWorx continues to expand upon and provide powerful and adaptive tools that enable quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models.

Learn More

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