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Hotfix CADWorx Plant PID 2018 SP1 HF1 is released

Hot Fix Release Announcement

Hexagon PPM support has posted CADWorx_Plant_PID_2018_SP1_HF1.exe for CADWorx Plant Version This Hot Fix is now available for download from Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System. Further information about what is contained in this Hot Fix is available in the Readme File link shown in the download description on the Service Packs and Fixes page.

To access this Hot Fix, please follow the steps below:

  1. Logon to Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System at
  2. Select the View Downloads tab.
  3. Select CADWorx Plant.
  4. Select Service Packs and Fixes.
  5. Select the download icon or the file link of the Hot Fix.

If you have trouble accessing this Hot Fix or need further information, please send an email to

Thank You for being a Hexagon PPM customer!

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Mahler AGS Cuts Design Time with CADWorx Plant Professional

Mahler AGS, a global leader in designing and manufacturing hydrogen generation plants, built a new hydrogen generation plant in record time with CADWorx Plant Professional.

The EPC was asked to design and manufacture a modular hydrogen plant for a leading global company in the palm oil business. As part of the modular design principle, Mahler pre-assembled and delivered the plant as prefabricated units.

Mahler AGS was looking to replace its existing design software (X-Plant) that also included a modern 3D planning solution. The new system needed to be compatible with the previous AutoCAD-based software, was easy-to-use, and was fast to implement so it could minimize project downtime and delay. CADWorx Plant Professional was chosen due to its AutoCAD-based structure, scalability, and suitability for the project scope.

Ultimately, by choosing CADWorx Plant Professional, Mahler AGS reduced project man-hours by 10 to 15 percent.

Read the case study.

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Enter the Drivers of Success Awards

Submit your Drivers of Success entry for a chance to win a trip to HxGN LIVE 2018 in Las Vegas!

The annual awards competition recognizes innovative applications of CADWorxCAESAR IIPV Elite, and GT STRUDL. Impressive project results are honored, which showcase significant benefits from collaboration among disciplines and the integration of the products.

The winning entry for each product receives a trip to HxGN LIVE 2018, including:

  • Complimentary conference attendance
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Round-trip travel

If you would like to be considered for our 2018 competition, please click here.

All entries are due March 19.

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Excel in brownfield project execution – watch our new video

Excel in brownfield project execution – watch our new video!

Today, many companies face unprecedented challenges from low commodity prices and fierce competition. We can see how more and more projects are either being canceled or postponed while more companies are chasing fewer projects. You can read more about brownfield project challenges below, or watch our new video!

Making the most of existing assets

As most of us will know, one of the key ideas of economic theory is that businesses will focus on improving efficiency to maintain profits and gain a competitive advantage during a downturn. Although the global oil price is showing some signs of recovery, we are still a long way from seeing new build projects being budgeted, as most owner-operators are still focusing on making the most of their existing assets.

Besides oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical, chemical producers, and other plant operators are all under pressure from multiple directions: in addition to the fluctuating oil price, increasing regulations, shrinking margins, and the ever-increasing need for heightened efficiency are also influencing the daily operations.

As one of the ways to answer to competition and improve margins, we can see that owner-operators are currently looking for ways to extend the lifecycle of their existing facilities and get the most value from these facilities while they are operational. There are many benefits when compared to building new facilities: no new capital investment is needed, the entire existing infrastructure is already in place, and plant personnel is already trained.

For these brownfield projects, a toolset is needed that matches the dynamics and finances of these faster paced, lower budget projects. And what does this toolset look like? Watch our new CADWorx video Excel in Brownfield Project Execution to find out!

Real-life project examples

Curious to learn how others have excelled in brownfield project execution with the help of CADWorx Solutions? You can read how Mercury Engineering designed a new process plant with product pipelines that connected into an existing facility or how Numikon improved brownfield operational safety with the help of CADWorx and laser scanning.

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When Intelligent P&IDs Are Not Enough

While the P&ID has been the ‘go-to’ document for the representation of the process and functionality of a facility, it is unfortunate that much of the rich data that P&IDs represent in the real world is seldom even available at the time of their creation.

Vornel Walker, vice president of Product Marketing at Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, discusses the various methods available to link rich asset data to P&IDs and how that data can be interlinked and made available to all stakeholders at their various points of need.

Read the complete article from the September 2015 issue of Offshore World. 

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