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Excel in brownfield project execution – watch our new video

Excel in brownfield project execution – watch our new video!

Today, many companies face unprecedented challenges from low commodity prices and fierce competition. We can see how more and more projects are either being canceled or postponed while more companies are chasing fewer projects. You can read more about brownfield project challenges below, or watch our new video!

Making the most of existing assets

As most of us will know, one of the key ideas of economic theory is that businesses will focus on improving efficiency to maintain profits and gain a competitive advantage during a downturn. Although the global oil price is showing some signs of recovery, we are still a long way from seeing new build projects being budgeted, as most owner-operators are still focusing on making the most of their existing assets.

Besides oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical, chemical producers, and other plant operators are all under pressure from multiple directions: in addition to the fluctuating oil price, increasing regulations, shrinking margins, and the ever-increasing need for heightened efficiency are also influencing the daily operations.

As one of the ways to answer to competition and improve margins, we can see that owner-operators are currently looking for ways to extend the lifecycle of their existing facilities and get the most value from these facilities while they are operational. There are many benefits when compared to building new facilities: no new capital investment is needed, the entire existing infrastructure is already in place, and plant personnel is already trained.

For these brownfield projects, a toolset is needed that matches the dynamics and finances of these faster paced, lower budget projects. And what does this toolset look like? Watch our new CADWorx video Excel in Brownfield Project Execution to find out!

Real-life project examples

Curious to learn how others have excelled in brownfield project execution with the help of CADWorx Solutions? You can read how Mercury Engineering designed a new process plant with product pipelines that connected into an existing facility or how Numikon improved brownfield operational safety with the help of CADWorx and laser scanning.

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Editing Multiple Load Cases-

Use the Group Edit view of the Static Analysis – Load Case Editor to update values on multiple load cases at one time. This view saves you valuable time as you can make global changes to load cases, rather than having to edit each load case individually.

To perform a group edit of multiple load cases

1. Open a CAESAR II job.
2. Run error checking or the analysis, and then select Static Analysis.
3. Click Group Edit in the upper-right corner of the Static Analysis – Load Case Editor.

Static Analysis – Load Case Editor List View (the Default)

The List view shows all load cases in list format, making it easy to see a full view of load cases as you work.

Static Analysis – Load Case Editor Group Edit View 

The Group Edit view could be considered a bulk editor for all your load cases. This enables you to make mass changes to any selected load cases with just a few simple clicks.

To use the Group Edit view for changing load cases:

1.    Select multiple load cases and click Group Edit.

The software preserves the load case selections you made in the List view and keeps them highlighted in the Group Edit view.

2.    Change any field values in this view and the software updates all the load cases you previously selected.

3.    By toggling back to the List view, you can see the changes that were applied to each of the selected load cases.

Using the new Group Edit view can save a lot of time, and it only takes a few clicks.

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CAESAR II 2017 Is Released

CAESAR II 2017 Is Released


CAESAR II 2017 – the industry de facto standard for pipe stress analysis – is now available commercially.

CAESAR II evaluates the structural responses and stresses of piping systems to international codes and standards. This 2017 version includes features that address many long-standing customer requests, as well as some significant industry code updates.

Technical additions include the ability to evaluate creep conditions for all piping codes using EN-13480 guidelines, and a new dialog to specify custom nozzle stiffnesses from the piping input. The version features several interface and usability improvements, including model symbols to show displacements, rotations, forces and moments, and improved display of node numbers and axial stops in piping models.

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Your invitation: CADWorx® & Analysis University 2016 Express Dubai

Your invitation: CADWorx® & Analysis University 2016 Express Dubai

After a successful 2015, CAU2016 Express returns to Dubai
with our one-day, high-powered learning experience for users of CADWorx, CAESAR II®, PV Elite®, and GT STRUDL®.

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn from experienced product experts who will demonstrate how to streamline work processes and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Grow your professional skillset and technical knowledge with in-depth product training sessions

  • Connect with others in your industry to gain competitive insights that you can apply to your own upcoming projects!

For more information
To find out more about CAU2016 Express Dubai, visit the event page or contact Yuvraaj at or contact Pandian at


March 7, 2016


The H Hotel

One, Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, UAE

Click here for:



For more

Learn from topics such as:

  • Creating useful drawings through CAESAR II with minimal expertise
  • Improve efficiency with CADWorx Plant 2016
  • Understanding Stress Categories – PV Elite

  • GT STRUDL – Complete structural solution for Skid base system
  • And much more!

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ImageGrafix’s Wednesday Webinars – June 2015 – Agenda

June 2015

Efficient Component Placement in CADWorx Plant Professional

Hanger Sizing in CAESAR II

FEA Analysis in GT Strudl

Date: June 10, 2015


09.00 AM(Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain)
10.00 AM
(UAE, Oman)
11.30 AM

Duration: 30 Min

Cost: Free Webinar

Date: June 17, 2015


09.00 AM(Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain)
10.00 AM (UAE, Oman)
11.30 AM (India)

Duration: 30 Min

Cost: Free Webinar

Date: June 24, 2015


09.00 AM(Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain)
10.00 AM (UAE, Oman)
11.30 AM (India)

Duration: 30 Min

Cost: Free Webinar


Explaining the various In-line component placement options available in the latest CADWorx Plant Professional Software like

  • From the Library
  • Custom created Component


Spring hangers are an integrated part of Piping Industry. Selection of the appropriate type of hanger support for any given application is governed by the individual piping configuration and job requirements.

Join us during this webinar and discover how hanger wizard in Caesar II will help you in efficient selection of hangers.


For almost 40 years GT STRUDL has been one of the most widely accepted computer-aided engineering and design tools for structural analysis and design in the world. In this webinar, we will highlight the various FEA Capabilities of GT Strudl Software such as

  • Finite Element Plate Analysis
  • Lifting Lug for SKID

Speaker Bio:

Visakan is the Manager – Technical for Plant Design Solutions at ImageGrafix Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. He is a Mechanical Engineer with 17 Years of experience in CAD Industry handling Intergraph & Autodesk Products. He is responsible for product presentation, training and lead the technical support teams in ImageGrafix India

Speaker Bio:

Rahul J Malaviyais the Product Manager for Plant Design Solutions at ImageGrafix Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. He holds B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from Noida Institute of Engg. & Tech and have 8 years of industry experience in project, demonstrations, training and end user support for CAESAR II, PVElite, TANK & PRG Software.

Speaker Bio:

Poornachandrikais the Product Manager for Structural Solutions at ImageGrafix Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. She is a Civil and Structural Engineer with 18 + Years of experience in Structural Analysis and Design field with sound practical and technical knowledge.  She is responsible for providing technical presentations, technical support on GTSTRUDL and Dimensional Solution product.

Copyright © 2015 ImageGrafix Software FZCO. All rights reserved.

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Propagating Caesar II properties

Here I would like to discuss about the essential properties automatically propagating over to subsequent elements in Caesar II.

What happens when you define properties like pipe diameter, schedule/Wall Thk, temperature, pressure etc. to an element? Did you notice that you need not to enter these properties again for following element? This is a helpful feature in Caeasar II that, when you define properties on an element, the software carries forward these properties to all subsequent model elements thereafter, until you explicitly change the property value.

But what if you want to change these properties? I believe you are not going to change this very often. Below figure is going to explain you which property is going to be retained when you go over a new element and which you might want to change based on your requirement.

In below spreadsheet image from Caesar II piping input properties shown below in orange are carrying forwarded to next element:

Pic 1

In the same image properties depicting in yellow are going to get changed based on pipe routing.

Check the Element List below, here it shows explicit data values in red and carry-forward properties in gray. This notation makes verification and editing quick and easy.

Pic 2

CAESAR II 2014 (Version 7.0) introduced a new feature where you can edit certain properties namely pressure temperature, schedule etc. over a block data, using the Legend dialog boxes. These dialog boxes helps you to review input properties graphically and added editing capabilities to the Legend dialog box values. You just need to double-click a value, Caesar II interface displays an Edit box in which you can specify a new value. This updates the edited value immediately in the piping input and on the model.

Check out the image below which depicts the new value edition in Legend dialog box:

Pic 3

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