Fundamentals of Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

The Fundamentals in this section provide a complete review of PPM that will help you decide if PPM is for you. This will help you understand what you need to do to set up a PPM capability for selection of project.

If a basic project management capability is in place and managed by a professional staff in an organisation, then PPM function can be set for standardization and consistency.

Where Do We Start PPM Process?

Assume that the objective of the PPM process is to prioritize work that brings the most value to the firm.

The process begins when evaluating candidate project proposals. Each project proposal identifies the specific business goals and objectives it will support.

Department will input basic information and determine whether to promote concepts to next stage through Ranking Value and Benefits for expected return on investment (ROI).

The ranking practice should use a balanced scorecard approach, with each of the factors listed and weighted. It is also Rank against other Projects and proposals in the organization.

The value/benefits ranking may be modified by risk and resource factors of the project proposal. Say, a new technology with a 20 percent chance of success may not fit with the strategy create potential risk. you can’t just increase resources as we have number of projects in the pipeline.

Assessing the impact of potential risks and availability of resource becomes an essential part of PPM to progress the business case.

The business case then progresses to planning by performing various planning scenarios comprising mix of projects. This involves the use of voting groups to create weighted rankings for project to meet multiple objectives.

Regardless of the techniques employed to weigh the selection criteria and prioritize

the candidate projects, you will eventually have to display and communicate these data to the decision makers for an optimum or acceptable size of the project pipeline.

The new perception is that a project is active as long as it continues to support the criteria that were established for its selection and acceptable performance. In this respect, projects are periodically evaluated against set criteria for maintaining the pipeline.

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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

What is Project Portfolio Management?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is recognized as set of practices to be considered in project management technology.

The management of projects are seen as critical to success in all three sectors: public, private, and non-profit. This is evident through improper selection of projects or their improper formulation within organization. To deal with this challenge, the solution is to be found in project portfolio management (PPM).

According to the PMBOK® Guide, Project portfolio management is a set of business practices that brings the world of projects into tight integration with other business operations.

Project Portfolio Management differs from Project management…

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) differs from Project Management (PM) in their life cycles, activities, objectives, focus, and benefits.

There are a lot of misconceptions that PPM is enterprise project management, managing multiple projects, automation in project process. Those are expansion of project management and though PPM addresses it but it has primary and unique aspect in formulating and assist in selection of projects.

Why Do we need PPM?

During Project management, project team limit their focus to the critical measures of project success. When they meet project objectives and satisfy the project stakeholders, they consider the project to have been successful but most of executives in organization are interested in the areas of measurement about profitability, return on investment and delivery of benefits.

There is always been gap between project functions and operation functions as both groups are off in their own world, working to do the best that they can but not knowing if their efforts are effective or efficient.

Bridging the gap between Operations Management and Projects Management, Project Portfolio Management addresses the project selection issues, deciding on project termination, facilitating reallocation of resources, changing of priorities, and evaluating alternatives.

Fortunately, PPM requires very little in way of acquisitions in terms of skills, set of practices and some small additions to management software which is simple and inexpensive. There will be significant impact on the way the organization deals with projects and business initiatives by incorporating PPM culture.

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CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 Now Released

CADWorx & Analysis Solutions is excited to announce the release of CADWorx Plant Professional 2019. Learn how the new capabilities in this latest release can help improve accuracy and reduce engineering and design time.

The new CADWorx® Plant Professional 2019 runs on either Hexagon’s recently acquired BricsCAD® platform or AutoCAD®. It features the most complete range of tools for fully intelligent 2D and 3D plant design and incorporates several new enhancements to improve project accuracy.

It is 100 percent based on the de-facto standard .dwg design format, providing designers, engineers and BIM professionals powerful access to the huge potential of vertical CAD applications.

In addition, CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 also includes these enhancements:

  • Improvements to P&ID View for easier synchronization of P&IDs with the 3D model
  • BOM templates to help streamline the creation of multi-discipline material take-offs
  • Soft clash volumes to help maintenance and installation areas for equipment and piping components
  • New export tools to CAESAR II ® to ensure reuse of model data as much as possible
  • Increased automation and reduce inconsistencies in CADWorx P&ID when updating in-line components

To learn more about this latest release, we invite you to participate in the What’s New in CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 webinar being hosted on Tuesday, December 4 and view the CADWorx Plant Professional 2019 product sheet and FAQ.

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ImageGrafix Webinar CADWorx 2018 What’s New features and updates

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CAESAR II 2018 Service Pack SP1 Release Announcement

Hexagon PPM support has posted for CAESAR II Version 2018 SP1. This Service Pack is now available for download from Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System. Further information about what is contained in this Service Pack is available in the Readme File link shown in the download description on the Service Packs and Fixes page.

To access this Service Pack, please follow the steps below:

  1. Logon to Hexagon PPM’s Customer Response System at smartsupport.intergraph.com.
  2. Select the View Downloads tab.
  3. Select CAESAR II.
  4. Select Service Packs and Fixes.
  5. Select the download icon or the file link of the Service Pack.

If you have trouble accessing this Service Pack or need further information, please send an email to support@igfzco.com

Thank You for being a Hexagon PPM customer!

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ASME Code has changed


ASME Code has changed ; are you ready ?

Discover how that may affect your calculations . Join us in PV Elite Symposium on 12th September 2017, @Tower Rotana Dubai.


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Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinar to understand the Joint Efficiency


Join ImageGrafix Wednesday Webinars to understand the Joint Efficiency.

6th September, 10.00AM GST

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Review of joint efficiency
  • How to determine the category types of welds
  • Corresponding radiography


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