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What’s New in Primavera P6 V18.8

Oracle released the new version for Primavera P6 Version 18.8 for both P6 PPM & EPPM with many new features. In this webinar, we will cover most of the Key features with sample projects such as

* HTML based pages for P6 EPPM (No More Java applets)

* Improvement on P6 Professional

* Oracle Prime Lean Management links with P6 EPPM

* 64-bit Operating Systems etc…

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What’s New in Primavera P6 is version 18.8

whats New P6The latest version of Primavera P6 is version 18.8 released publicly in August 2018. With enhancements previously only available to Oracle cloud users, this is big news. A huge advantage of the new release is that Oracle has removed the last of the Java applets from Primavera P6 EPPM. The HTML-based pages load faster and do not require additional plug-ins. You will find that some of the HTML pages have the same functionality as before while others have been redesigned.

Below are a few more of the enhancements available with Release 18.8

  • Performance Percent Complete Field Based on Labour Units.
  • Upload Graphics to the P6 Database to View and Print from Any Location.
  • 32-bit Operating Systems not supported. It is recommended you now use 64-bit Operating Systems.
  • Import Zipped XER Files.
  • Activity Owner Functionality Improvements.
  • Choose Whether to Update Actual and Budgeted Units and Costs When Updating Baselines with New Assignments.
  • Managing Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Prime Lean Task Integration with P6 EPPM.
  • Improvements in Offline Working for P6 Professional.

Please click on the below link for the complete list of New features in Primavera P6 V18.8

Download here

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